Tied up on the Middle Pier Granton

Reproduced with acknowledgement  Buccleugh Estatates (Granton Harbour Handbook)

John Dunkin  GW 35

Built 1918    Fleming & Ferguson Ltd, Paisley  (Steel)
Yard No 448
Owner at New Admiralty  (Ad.No.3727)
ID no 143875
Launch Date 06.08.1918
Completed 04.10.1918
Gross Tons 206
Nett Tons 78
Engine 57 hp  T.3-cyl by Fleming & Ferguson Ltd, Paisley
Length 115.9ft
Breadth 22.2ft
Depth 12.1ft


03.1919 Renamed "PEKIN"  loaned to US Navy.
05.1919 Reverted to "John Dunkin".
08.1919 Returned to Royal Navy
03.06.1920 Registered at London LO 367
1921 Sold to the Mercantile
1921 Owned by John Stewart Boyle, Glasgow  (owner/manager)
09.12.1921 London registry closed
12.1921 Registered at Glasgow GW 35.
12.01.1927 Ran aground on rocks in Sound of Islay, damaging propeller and rudder. Skipper Hall returned to Ayr for repairs to keel.
03.09.1929 Skipper Adam Forbes, ran aground on Black Reef rocks, Sound of Islay.
04.09.1929 Refloated and proceeded under own steam to Ayr.
14.09.1935 John Stewart Boyle deceased, executor Mrs Isabella S. Boyle,  Glasgow 
1935 Richard Allen appointed manager.
1935 Owned by John S. Boyle Ltd, Glasgow (Richard Allen manager).
1940 Owned by W. Livingstone, Aberdeen
11.02.1941 Sunk by aircraft gunfire 13 miles N x E from Buckie Harbour, one crewman lost, eight survivors.