Juliette Marie  GN

Built 1884       David Allen & Co Ltd, Granton  Edinburgh   (Wood)
Yard No  
Owner at New David Allen & Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh
ID no 89028
Launch Date 24.09.1884
Completed 11.1884
Gross Tons 118
Nett Tons 51
Engine 50 hp C.2-cyl   by  Walker Henderson & Co Ltd, Glasgow
Length 105ft
Breadth 21ft
Depth 9.6ft
1884 Registered at Granton
1884 Owned by A. Sevestre, Dunkirk France
21.11.1884 Sailed Granton for Dunkirk.
1884 Granton registry closed.
1889 Owned by F.Rooryck, Dunkirk France
1889 Granton registry closed.
1889 Registered at Dunkirk
26.03.1892 Collided with Danish brig "Lara"  off Beachy Head in thick fog causing her damage to the port side, took "Lara" in tow to Dover.