As Ratapiko LH 86 second from pier in Lerwick

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Shetland Museum & Archives

              Kelvingrove LH 86                      

Built 1912  John Duthie Torry Shipbuilding Co Ltd, Aberdeen  as "Ratapiko" (Steel)
Yard No 367
Owner at New John G. Smith,  Fleetwood (owner/manager)
ID no 129379
Launch Date 17.02.1912
Completed 03.1912
Gross Tons 247
Nett Tons 90
Engine 79 hp    T.3-cyl by W. V. V. Lidgerwood & Co Ltd, Glasgow
Length 120.3ft
Breadth 22.6ft
Depth 13.6ft


14.03.1912 Registered at Aberdeen  A.446
08.1914 Requisitioned  and converted to minesweeper (Ad.No.347) based at Granton .
 19.09.1916 Deployed on Special Service using name “Lennard”.
07.10.1916  Towed the Hartlepool steamer “Jupiter” (2124grt/1901) stopped by submarine (UB27) 40 miles NE by E from Longstone Lighthouse whilst on passage Archangel-Hull with timber, (scuttled but failed to sink) into Firth of Forth until relieved by tugs and trawlers. 
30.01.1918 Escorting Convoy T.M.15 in thick fog at 19:15 stranded on the Longstone Rock, Farne Islands.  
03.02.1918 Salvage underway but hampered by bad weather. 
11.02.1918 Refloated and taken in tow by tug for Blyth, Northumberland
21.04.1918 Returned to service after repairs on Tyne.
22.04.1918 Operating as a decoy trawler (using name “St. George” SN49) towing/and in company with HM S/M C.24.
11.11.1918 Reverted to an Armed Trawler.
1919 Returned to Owners
1919 Owned by Stepney Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Scarborough (Abraham Moore manager) .
20.02.1920 Aberdeen registry closed.
27.02.1920 Registered at Scarborough SH 221.
02.09.1920 Scarborough registry closed, converted to cargo vessel, (Re-measured 256.5g/99.5n) (W. Aiston manager) (Winch removed and fitted onto S.T. “Magnolia” SH 160).
1922 Owned by Co-operative Fishing Society Ltd, Scarborough (C. Naylor, manager).
01.1926 Converted back to a trawler (Re-measured 247g/90n) .
11.01.1926 Owned by Thomas H. Scales, Newhaven Edinburgh (owner/manager)
29.01.1926 Registered at Scarborough SH 39
1931 New boiler fitted.
1934 Owned by Thomas H. Scales & Son Ltd, Newhaven Edinburgh
1935 Owned by Thomas H. Scales & Sons Ltd, Newhaven  Edinburgh
04.04.1935 Scarborough registry closed
16.04.1935 Registered at Leith LH 86
02.07.1940 Requisitioned  and converted to minesweeper  (P.No. FY.1878) (Hire rate £61.15s 0d/month).
12.1945 Returned to Owners
1946 Owned by I. C. MacFarlane  ?
1947 Owned by Kelvin Trawlers Ltd, Aberdeen
1947 Renamed "KELVINGROVE" operating as fish & liver oil carrier
1948 Returned to trawling
1952 Owned by Heather Fishing Co Ltd, Newhaven Edinburgh
1954 Owned by William Liston & Son, Newhaven Edinburgh (William Liston manager).
1956 Sold as scrap to BISCO (British Iron & Steel Co)  for £4150.
14.05.1956 Arrived at Charlestown Fife.
07.1956 Scrapped by Shipbreaking Industries Ltd at Charlestown  Fife.