Kestrel LH

Built 1884    S & H.  Morton,  Leith  (Iron)
Yard No 41
Owner at New Scottish Steam Fishing & Shipping Co Ltd,  Edinburgh
ID no 87268
Launch Date 27.02.1884
Completed 03.1884
Gross Tons 115
Nett Tons 56
Engine 24 hp    C.2-cyl  by Canal Basin Foundry, Glasgow     (Engine made1870 - Boiler made 1880)            
Length 95ft
Breadth 18.1ft
Depth 9.2ft
29.03.1884 Registered at Leith LH?
29.03.1884 Ran trial trip in Firth of Forth
09.07.1884 Crewman  David Stevenson (17) Newhaven Leith struck and injured by block from rigging while fishing off St Abbs Head, he later died in hospital.
17.06.1885 Advertised for sale by private bargain in the Scotsman
1885 Scottish Steam Fishing & Shipping Co Ltd, Edinburgh dissolved.
1885 Owned by Ignacio Mercader & Sons, San Sebastian Spain .
22.09.1885 Sailed Leith for San Sebastian Spain in company with "Falcon" & "Hawk".
1885 Leith registry closed.
1885 Registered at San Sebastian.
30.09.1885 Sprang a leak on route to San Sebastian off St Catherine's Point and taken to Bembridge, Isle of Wight.
05.10.1885 Arrived at Cowes to be placed onto patent slip for examination.
1902 Owned by Sociedad Anonima "Mamelena", San Sebastian Spain
1902 Renamed "MAMELENA  No 9"
04.05.1917 Captured by submarine (UC 72) and scuttled SW of the Contis Lighthouse in the Bay of Biscay,  all crewmen placed in small boat.