King Emperor  LH 130

Built 1914    Dundee Shipbuilding Co Ltd,  Dundee  (Steel)
Yard No 270
Owner at New Mills Steam Shipping Co Ltd, London (Frederick B. O'Meara, London manager)
ID no 136221
Launch Date 1914
Completed 12.1914
Gross Tons 246
Nett Tons 96
Engine 76 hp    T.3-cyl by W. V. V. Lidgerwood & Co Ltd, Glasgow
Length 120.4ft
Breadth 22.6ft
Depth 12.4ft
07.01.1915 Registered at Hull H 202.
05.1915 Requisitioned and converted to Mine Laying Vessel (Ad No 3220) later (P No. N.5A) based at Harwich.  
04.02.1916 Sank following a collision off Sheerness, Kent; five crewmen lost. Later salved, repaired and returned to service.
1916 Owned by Imperial Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Hull (Frank O. Hellyer manager).
1917 Owen S. Hellyer appointed manager.
1918 Converted to minesweeper (P No. N.66).
 1919 Returned to Owners.
1919 Owned by Henry L. S. Knell, Hull (owner/manager).
1920 Owned by Hull & District Steam Trawling Co Ltd,  Hull (Henry L.S. Knell manager).    
1926 Owned by Henry Percival & Co Ltd, Hull (Henry Percival manager).
03.01.1934 Struck by S.T. "Charles Boyes" LO 334 while lying at anchor during thick fog in Hull Roads.
01.1935 Owned by James L. Inglis,  Leith Edinburgh.
31.07.1935 Hull registry closed.
01.08.1935 Registered at Leith  LH 130
02.1940 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper joined the 80th Minesweeping group (P. No. FY.730) based at Lowestoft.
11.1943 Converted to ESSO (Fuel carrier), later deployed as a Stores Carrier (Y7.14).
1945 Owned by Easton Trawling Co Ltd, Lowestoft (B. Easton manager).
01.1946 Returned to Owners
1949 Sold as scrap.
01.07.1941 William Wilfred Mantripp was awarded  the Distinguished Service Medal for outstanding zeal, patience and cheerfulness, and for never failing to set an example of wholehearted devotion to duty, without which the high tradition of the Royal Navy could not have been upheld.