Kingfisher  GN 4

Built 1882       David Allan & Co, Granton  Edinburgh   (Wood)
Yard No 5
Owner at New James Muirhead, Edinburgh (owner/manager)
ID no 84904
Launch Date 25.09.1882
Completed 15.10.1882
Gross Tons 76
Nett Tons 35
Engine 25 hp C.2-cyl   Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh
Length 86.5ft
Breadth 18ft
Depth 9ft
05.10.1882 Registered at Granton GN 3.
01.12.1882 Owned by Aberdeen Sea Fishery Co Ltd, Aberdeen (J. S. Noble manager).
01.12.1882 Granton registry closed.
04.12.1882 Arrived at Aberdeen.
20.01.1883 Registered at Aberdeen A.136
21.02.1884 Sprang a leak and ran ashore at Golspie, Sutherland.
26.05.1884 Put into Macduff, Banffshire under sail after  boiler had given way and started to leak.
21.06.1884 Advertised for sale at Aberdeen in the Scotsman.
10.09.1884 Advertised for sale at Aberdeen in the Aberdeen Weekly Journal.
1884 Owned by William Gunn & Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh.
15.10.1884 Returned to Granton.
27.11.1884 Aberdeen registry closed.
27.11..1884 Registered at Granton GN 4
11.03.1885: At Leith Sheriff court, ordered to pay 10 plus expenses to Thomas Thompson and the crew of fishing smack "Allison Ann" from Cockenzie, East Lothian for damages to their fishing lines on 21st February 1885.
27.05.1889 Hired along with S.T. "Le Glorieux" GN  & S.T. "Ocean Rover" GN 2 by the Admiralty laying down torpedoes & for torpedo trials in the Firths of Forth & Tay during July.
29.09.1889 Skipper Robb, towed into Dundee by steam tug "Renown" after finding a leak in the boiler while off Arbroath.
09.09.1891 Skipper Olaf Stromberg caught by HM Fishery Cruiser "Vigilant" inside the 3 mile limit in St Andrews Bay and fined 50
16.12.1891 Collided with steam fishing vessel "Nettle" off St. Monans Fife causing great damage.
17.11.1896 Skipper Charles Emerson accused of illegal fishing in St Andrews Bay at Cupar Sheriffs Court. Case Not Proven.
23.03.1898 Towed  S.T. "Michael Scott" GN 41 to Granton after the boiler began to leak inflicting serious injury to engineer Henry Strong.
25.09.1899 Towed into Granton with disabled engines by tug "Fiery Cross" .
28.11.1908 Collided with unknown schooner in Firth of Forth, received serious damage to starboard bow headed to Granton.
22.01.1909 Collided with S.T. "Columba" GN 43 abreast of Leith, returned to Granton.
1909 Owned by Thomas J. & George P. T.  Brown & Others, Cockenzie East Lothian..
11.1914 Requisitioned as Auxiliary Patrol Vessel (returned as unsuitable).  
12.1914 Returned to Owners.
21.01.1916 Owned by Alexander Robb, Aberdeen (skipper/owner/manager). 
01.1916 Granton registry closed.
21.01.1916 Registered at Aberdeen A.613.
29.05.1917 Requisitioned as a Fishery Reserve Vessel.
1919 Returned to Owners.
12.03.1920 Owned by Andrew Walker, Aberdeen (owner/manager).
09.10.1922 Owned by Alexander Ross, Aberdeen (owner/manager).
23.06.1923 Owned by William Mackie, Aberdeen (owner/manager).
31.08.1923 Owned by William Mackie & Arthur P. Robb, Aberdeen.
01.04.1924 Foundered in Oban Bay.
05.11.1924 Aberdeen registry closed.