As Koorah  A 18

Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Stevenson

Koorah GN 14

Built 1912    Hall   Russell  & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Steel)
Yard No 505
Owner at New

Edward Brand, Johnston Hall; , Johnston.James Tidman, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth; William Humphrey, W. H. Podd Ltd., Suffolk; Charles Thomas Parnell, Stamford Hill, London.   (Edward Brand, Milford Haven manager).

ID no 128760
Launch Date 05.02.1912
Completed 03.1912
Gross Tons 226
Nett Tons 86
Engine 76 hp    T.3-cyl by Hall   Russell  & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Length 117.4ft
Breadth 22.6ft
Depth 12.2ft
04.03.1912 Registered at Milford Haven  M 120.
1914 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (Ad No.324) based at Egypt.
26.11.1917 Owned by Mills Steamship Co Ltd, London (Frederick B. O'Meara, London manager).

Owned by  Thomas Robinson & Frank Wheeler Robinson, Grimsby & Charles Keen Welton, London (Frank Wheeler Robinson manager).

1919 Returned to Owners.
18.03.1919 Milford registry closed.
20.03.1919 Registered at Grimsby  GY 122.
22.04.1919 Two Bills of Sale: (Thomas Robinson (40 shares) (Frank Wheeler Robinson 16 shares): Owned by Edward Ernest Cox, Grimsby (owner/manager).
21.05.1919 Bill of Sale: (Charles Keen Welton (8 shares): Owned by Edward Ernest Cox, Grimsby (owner/manager).
21.05.1919 Mortgaged by Edward Ernest Cox, Grimsby (A).
21.05.1919 Mortgagee: London Joint City & Midland Bank Ltd, London (secure account & interest).
21.05.1919 Edward Ernest Cox appointed manager.
07.02.1927 Arrives back in Grimsby with considerable weather damage.
27.08.1919 Bill of Sale: Owned by Ralph Cox, Grimsby.
29.08.1927 Edward Ernest Cox & Ralph Cox appointed managers.
 30.01.1928 Mortgage (A) discharged.
31.01.1928 Two mortgages by Edward Ernest Cox  (B) & Ralph Cox (C), Grimsby.
31.01.1928 Mortgagee: Midland Bank Ltd, London (secure accounts & interest).
07.02.1933 Mortgages (A) & (B) discharged.
08.02.1933 Two Bills of Sale: Owned by Earl Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby.    
20.02.1933 Sir Alec Black, Bart appointed manager.
23.01.1935 Bill of Sale: Owned by Philip Liston & George Main Liston,  Granton  Edinburgh.
23.01.1935 Mortgaged by Philip Liston & George Main Liston,  Granton  Edinburgh (D).
23.01.1935 Mortgagee: Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh (secure sums due & interest).
23.01.1935 Philip Liston & George Main Liston appointed managers.
31.01.1935 Grimsby registry closed.
01.1935 Registered at Granton GN 14.
1940 Owned by Carnie & Gibb Ltd,  Granton  Edinburgh    (William Carnie Jnr manager).
1941 Owned by Walker Steam Trawl Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen  (Thomas Walker manager).
1941 Granton registry closed.
10.05.1941 Registered at Aberdeen A.249.
13.05.1944 Owned by A & M. Smith Ltd, Aberdeen (Malcolm Smith manager).
1944 Aberdeen registry closed.
1944 Registered at Hull H 77.
1946 Owned by Brebner Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen    (William Brebner manager).
1946 Hull registry closed.
16.03.1946 Registered at Aberdeen A.18
11.02.1954 Ran ashore on a reef 1/2 mile west of Dunnet Head. Skipper James Findlay & crew were rescued by the seine-net boat "Our Lassie" and landed at Scrabster. Salvage failed and the vessel sank.
03.1954 Aberdeen registry closed.
  Fished out of 5 different ports in 42 years but never renamed.