Kuvera  GY 381

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joe Kerr

Kuvera GN 39

Built 1919   Ouse Shipbuilding Co Ltd,   Goole as  "John Heath" (Steel)
Yard No 62
Owner at New Admiralty   (Ad.No.3757)
ID no 140790
Launch Date 11.11.1918
Completed 14.06.1919 as a fishing vessel
Gross Tons 202
Nett Tons 87
Engine 74 hp   T.3-cyl by Plenty & Sons Ltd, Newbury
Length 115.4ft
Breadth 22.1ft
Depth 12.1ft
16.05.1919 Mortgaged byFrederick Pearce, Cleethorpes & Joseph Herrick Heanley, Grimsby (A).
16.05.1919 Mortgagee: London Joint City & Midland Bank Ltd, London (secure account & interest).
06.1919 Sold to the Mercantile.
06.1919 Owned by Frederick Pearce, Cleethorpes & Joseph Herrick Heanley, Grimsby. 
17.06.1919 Renamed  "KUVERA".
17.06.1919 Registered at Grimsby GY 381.
17.06.1919 Robert Daniel Clarke appointed manager.
09.10.1922 Mortgage (A) discharged.
10.10.1922 Bill of Sale: Owned by Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co Ltd, Grimsby.
16.10.1922 John Denton Marsden appointed manager.
15.11.1923 Mortgaged by Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co Ltd, Grimsby (B).
15.11.1923 Mortgagee: London Joint City & Midland Bank Ltd, London (secure account & interest).
04.03.1924 Manager becomes Sir John Denton Marsden, Bart.
29.09.1927 Owned by Consolidated Fisheries Ltd, Grimsby  (Sir John Denton Marsden, Bart manager).
1929 Transferred to fish from Lowestoft.
21.10.1935 Mortgage (B) discharged.
23.10.1935 Bill of Sale (4750): Owned by Robert Baxter, William Baxter, David Baxter, John Baxter & David Baxter,Aberdeen (owner/manager)  .
20.11.1935 Grimsby registry closed.
20.11.1935 Robert Baxter appointed manager.
22.11.1935 Registered at Aberdeen A.384.
07.1940 Requisitioned and converted Auxiliary Patrol Vessel (P.No4.271)
17.11.1942 Owned by William Carnie Jnr, Liston Carnie & Thomas Young Carnie, Granton Edinburgh  (William Carnie Jnr manager).
09.1945 Returned to Owners.
22.11.1945 Owned by William Livingstone, Peterhead (owner/manager).
16.04.1946 Owned by William Livingston, Peterhead; Hugh Meiklejohn Liston, Leith Edinburgh & David Watson, Edinburgh.
08.06.1947 Owned by Planet Fishing Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh    (Edwin Walker & Sons managers).
26.01.1950 Sprung a leak and foundered 110 miles North East of Buchan Ness. Crew rescued by the Granton S.T. "Chiltern" GN 25 skippered by Willie John Paterson.
14.02.1950 Aberdeen registry closed.