Le Glorieux GN

Built 1885   David Allan & Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh  (Wood)
Yard No  
Owner at New J & W.  Dossaer & Co, Ostend Belgium  
ID no 91658
Launch Date 1885
Completed 1885
Gross Tons 119
Nett Tons 44
Engine 35 hp   C.2-cyl by Hutson & Corbett Ltd, Glasgow
Length 98.3ft
Breadth 21ft
Depth 10.5ft
1885 Registered at Ostend
01.05.1887 Owned by Guybon Hutson, Glasgow      Bought & Sold same day 01.05.1887
01.05.1887 Owned by James Muirhead, Granton  Edinburgh (owner/ manager)
1887 Ostend registry closed.
05.05.1887 Registered at Granton
27.05.1889 Hired along with S.T. "Kingfisher" GN 4 & S.T. "Ocean Rover" GN 2 by the Admiralty laying down torpedoes & for torpedo trials in the Firths of Forth & Tay during July.
20.03.1891 Towed into Granton by S.T. "Athena" SN 5 after her trawl fouling the propeller off St. Abbs Head.
28.12.1894 Ran aground on Callot Shad, Berwick while sheltering from bad weather, refloated on the next tide.
09.09.1895 Struck by S.T. "St Bernard" GN 44 and sank 6 miles SE off St Abbs Head. Skipper Alexander  Drybrough & crew were saved.
02.12.1895 Skipper Alexander Drybrough was fined 5 or 14 days imprisonment for failing to keep a proper watch prior to the sinking.