Alongside pier in Lerwick

Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Shetland Museum & Archives

       Lord Lovel GN 2 

Built 1935   Deutsche Schiff n Mschb A G Seebeck, Wesermunde Germany  as "Paul Rykens"   (Steel)
Yard No 524
Owner at New Aberdeen  Steam Trawling & Fishing Co Ltd,  Aberdeen (George Massie manager)
ID no 162291
Launch Date 1935
Completed 07.1935
Gross Tons 265
Nett Tons 113
Engine 90 hp   C.2-cyl by Deutsche Schiff n Mschb -A G Seebeck, Wesermunde Germany (Turbine )
Length 127.6ft
Breadth 24.1ft
Depth 12.9ft



09.07.1935 Registered at Aberdeen A.313.
13.01.1936 Towed S.T. "Strathyre" A.597, 50 miles through severe weather into Lerwick, Shetland.
15.04.1937 Ran ashore a mile north of the Don mouth during thick fog, later refloated.
1938 Walter Rhind appointed manager.
11.1939 Requisitioned and converted to Anti Submarine Vessel (P.No.FY.257) attached to 18th Anti Submarine Group. 
02.12.1942 Owned by Northern Trawlers Ltd, London.
19.02.1946 Mortgaged by Northern Trawlers Ltd, London (A).
19.02.1946 Mortgagee: Midland Bank Ltd, London (secure account & interest).
1946 Returned to Owners.
25.11.1946 Aberdeen registry closed.
29.11.1946 Registered at Grimsby GY 415.
29.11.1946 William Alfred Bennett, Grimsby appointed manager.
25.02.1947 Mortgage (A) discharged.
12.12.1947 Bill of Sale: Owned by Lord Line Ltd, Hull.  
22.12.1947 Grimsby registry closed.
22.12.1947 Thomas William Boyd appointed manager.
12.1947 Renamed "LORD LOVEL".
12.1947 Registered at Hull H 506.
1952 Owned by Granton Trawler Co Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh (Carnie & Gibb managers).
1952 Hull registry closed.
1952 Registered at Granton GN 2.
1961 Sold as scrap to BISCO (British Iron & Steel Co).
15.12.1961 Scrapped by Malcolm Brechin at Granton.