Running trials at Peterhead

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Robert Livingston

Lothian Leader  GN 18

Built 1959    Livingston & Co Ltd,   Peterhead as  "Midlothian" (Steel)
Yard No 6
Owner at New Lothian Trawling Co Ltd,  Edinburgh   (William Carnie manager).
ID no 300602
Launch Date 24.04.1959
Completed 10.1959
Gross Tons 217
Nett Tons 90
Engine 454  hp 6-cyl 4SCSA by Ruston Hornsby Lincoln
Length 108ft
Breadth 23.2ft
Depth 11.9ft


1959 Renamed  "LOTHIAN LEADER".
10.1959 Registered at Granton GN 18
1967 Owned by Carnie & Croan  Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh (William Carnie manager).
1969 Owned by Croan Trawlers  Ltd, Granton Edinburgh (Joe Croan manager).
1970 Owned by British United Trawlers (Scotland) Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh.


Owned by Lothian Trawling Co Ltd, Aberdeen.
1972 Granton registry closed.
1972 Renamed "BURNBANKS"
1972 Registered at Aberdeen A.163


Owned by Colne Shipping Ltd,  Lowestoft  
1984 Renamed  "CULEBRA"
1984 Conversion begins to an ORSV  (Oil Rig Safety / Supply Vessel)
1985 Scrapped at Gravesend before conversion was completed
1985 Aberdeen registry closed.
One of the last traditional sidewinders to work from Aberdeen