Lying mid river Tyne

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Tony Lofthouse Collection

Luffness GN 57

Built 1935     John Lewis & Sons Ltd,  Aberdeen  as "White Pioneer"  (Steel)
Yard No 134
Owner at New White Trawlers Ltd,  Hebburn, Co Durham (Joseph D. Irvin, North Shields manager)
ID no 161586
Launch Date 01.08.1935
Completed 1935
Gross Tons 271
Nett Tons 118
Engine 96 hp    C.2-cyl by Whites Marine Engine Co Ltd, Newcastle  ( Turbine )(Geared & LP Turbine DR geared to screw shaft)
Length 126.3ft
Breadth 23.2ft
Depth 12.6ft
1935 Registered at Newcastle NE 3.
01.07.1937 Peter Hancock & Sons, Milford Haven appointed managers.
1937 Renamed "MARY WHITE".
01.1940 Requisitioned and converted to a Boom Defence Vessel (P.No.Z.147).
11.03.1944 Owned by Shire Trawlers Ltd ,Grimsby. 
11.03.1944  William Alfred Bennett appointed manager.
28.11.1945 Mortgaged by Shire Trawlers Ltd, Grimsby (A).
28.11.1945 Mortgagee: Midland Bank Ltd, London (secure account & interest)
02.1946 Returned to Owners.
25.02.1947 Mortgage (A) discharged.
03.1947 Newcastle registry closed.
11.03.1947 Registered at Grimsby  GY 465.
26.01.1948 Re-engined  96 hp T.3-cyl by Alexander Hall & Sons Ltd, Aberdeen (engine built 1926) & new boiler by Riley Bros Stockton fitted.
15.02.1948 Alteration to tonnage 254.05g/98.04n after re-measurement.
03.12.1948 Bill of Sale: Owned by Newhaven Trawlers Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh.   
09.12.1948 Grimsby registry closed.
09.12.1948 William Carnie Jnr appointed manager). 
1949 Renamed "LUFFNESS".
1949 Registered at Granton GN 57
Undated Owned by Philip Liston, Newhaven Edinburgh (Skipper/owner) (Newhaven Trawlers Ltd managers).
21.01.1958 Wrecked of the North Pier  Aberdeen Harbour. Skipper/Owner Philip Liston entered Aberdeen to land a sick crew member (William Docherty). Crew were rescued by Harbour Pilot Cutter "Danny".
1958 Sold as scrap and removed by Metal Industries (Salvage) Ltd, Glasgow.
Lying off the North Pier Aberdeen harbour   Reproduced with acknowledgement to Tony Lofthouse Collection
  Being scrapped in situ by Metal Industries (Salvage) Ltd  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Tony Lofthouse Collection
Bunkering coal at Granton    Reproduced with acknowledgement Joe Kerr