Malta  GN 22

Built 1886    David Allan & Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh (Wood)
Yard No  
Owner at New James Muirhead,  Edinburgh  (owner/manager)
ID no 91657
Launch Date 13.10.1886
Completed 10.1886
Gross Tons 118
Nett Tons 43
Engine 35 hp  C.2-cyl by Hutson & Corbett Ltd, Glasgow
Length 98.2ft
Breadth 21ft
Depth 10.7ft
16.10.1886 Registered at Granton GN 22
09.12.1886 Collided with S.S. "Midlothian" (920g/1881) at entrance to Granton Harbour and receiving considerable bow damage returned to harbour for repairs.
24.06.1888 Ran ashore on the May Island Firth of Forth during thick weather, refloated and continued on to Granton.
25.03.1889 Ran aground on rocks off North Berwick East Lothian .
26.03.1889 Towed off by S.T. "Albatross" GN 13, little or no damage occurred.
10.10.1890 Towed the disabled S.T. "Albatross" GN 13 (Broken crankshaft) to Granton from the Bell Rock
22.01.1891 While fishing collided with S.T. "Douglas" GN 14 causing damage to three planks in the bow, returned to Granton
08.10.1891 Sank  in the Firth Of Forth off Fidra Light after a collision with S.T. "Lamberton" GN 10 while steaming home from the fishing grounds. Skipper Robb & five crew were rescued by S.T "Lamberton" but two others namely John Downie engineer Leith & John McDougall Newhaven Edinburgh were drowned. Insurance cover for 4000 to 5000.