As the  "Star of the West"

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Peter Goodall (son of the Chief Engineer)

            Margaret Paton  GW 24               

Built 1942  John Lewis & Sons Ltd, Aberdeen  as "Sir Tristram"  (Steel)
Yard No 161
Owner at New Admiralty  (P.No.T.229)
ID no 182017
Launch Date 17.01.1942
Completed 15.05.1942
Gross Tons 276
Nett Tons 104
Engine 70 hp      T.3-cyl by  John Lewis & Sons Ltd,   Aberdeen
Length 126.2ft
Breadth 23.6ft
Depth 14.6ft
1947 Sold to the Mercantile
1948 Owned by Walker Steam Trawler Fishing Co Ltd,  Aberdeen
14.04.1948 Renamed "STAR OF THE WEST"
14.04.1948 Registered at Aberdeen A.592.
05.05.1948 Owned by Ardrossan Trawling Co Ltd,  Glasgow (Walter K. Paton Ltd, Glasgow, managers)  
05.05.1948 Aberdeen registry closed.
05.1948 Renamed "MARGARET PATON"
05.1948 Registered at Glasgow GW 24.
1949 Lost with all Hands on or about 27th December whilst fishing  the Coral Bank.
  Sailed from Granton 18/12/1949 for the North Sea fishing grounds. Last radio call was to sister ship "Grace Paton" GW 12 during a severe storm on 27/12/1949 .Skipper indicated that he was going to have a couple of hauls before making for home, in the absence of any distress call, no bodies and very little wreckage found it was  presumed the vessel had been overwhelmed by a gigantic sea causing it to founder quickly. All thirteen crew lost. Now confirmed.
  Fleet delayed sailing until after memorial service 8/01/1950 at St Andrews Church Newhaven Edinburgh.  800 people attended.
Skipper     Philip Stevenson, ( 44 )   9 Stanley Street Portobello
Mate  Hugh Stevenson   118 Granton Road
2nd Fisherman Henry Wanless ( 34 ) 6 Wilkie Place Leith
Chief Engineer  Peter  Goodall ( 41 ) 16 Comely Bank Place
2nd Engineer J Nisbet     8a Dundonald Road
Cook  George Nisbet   11 Wardieburn Drive
Deckhand Simon Coghill  ( 39 ) 28 Jamaica Street
Deckhand William Robertson ( 21 ) 8 Crewe Road Gardens
Deckhand James Watt ( 29 ) 33 Buccleuch Street
Fireman  William Batten ( 25 ) 5 Crewe Road Gardens
Fireman John Martin  ( 25 ) 6 Hamilton Street Leith
Trimmer   George Swift  57 Portsborough Square
Trimmer James O' Donnel ( 57 )  2 West Cromwell Street
  Skipper & Mate were brothers          
2nd Engineer & Cook were brothers

                                    This copy of a painting was also supplied by Peter Goodall (son of the Chief Engineer)