As "Hornrif" IJM 155

© © Reproduced with acknowledgement to the FMHT & Jan Harteveld Holland

Mount Cenis GN 52

Built 1898    Cumming & Ellis,  Inverkeithing Fife as "Mount Cenis" (Steel)
Yard No 28
Owner at New Muirheads Trawlers Ltd,  Edinburgh    (James Muirhead manager)
ID no 108585
Launch Date 23.03.98
Completed 06.1898
Gross Tons 168
Nett Tons 93
Engine 56 hp T.3-cyl by MacColl & Pollock,  Sunderland.
Length 109ft
Breadth 21.1ft
Depth 10.4ft


04.06.1898 Ran trials in Firth of Forth.
06.1898 Registered at Granton GN 52.
Pre1904 William G. Muirhead appointed manager.
25.01.1904 Muirheads Trawlers in liquidation.
14.03.1904 Towed into Granton with disabled machinery from 25 miles east of the May Island, Firth of Forth by Liverpool S. T. “Jaboo” LL 358.
03.05.1904 Owned by Joseph Constant (Shipbroker) London.
01.1905 Owned by Newhaven Trawlers Ltd, Edinburgh (Edward Walker manager).
25.01.1905 Renamed "ALERT ".
1909 Owned by Stoomtrawler-Visscherij Mij. “Holland I-IV”, Ijmuiden Holland (S. A. Bakker, manager).
1909 Granton registry closed.
1909 Renamed "OTONO ".
1909 Registered at Ijmuiden  IJM 155.
1910 Owned by N.V. Visscherij Mij. “Pesca”, Ijmuiden Holland (S. A. Bakker later P. Dijksen, manager).
1923 Owned by N.V. Nationale Stoomvisscherij, Ijmuiden Holland (I. S. Groen, manager).
1923 Renamed "ALBERT GROEN".
1928 Owned by NV Stoomvisch Maats Die Scelvisch, Ijmuiden Holland (G. de Rooy & L. S. J. Reijersberg, managers).
1928 Renamed "AVILA".
1934 Owned by N. V. Nationale Stoomvisscherij,  Ijmuiden Holland.  
1938 Briefly renamed  "PRINSES BEATRIX" reverted to "Leentje Elizabeth"  when name taken by "Prinses Beatrix" IJM 117
1939 Escaped from occupied Holland to England and fishing from Fleetwood.
1939 Owned by Stoomvisscherij Mij. “Hornrif”, IJmuiden (Donald J. Groen, manager).
1939 Renamed "HORNRIF".
1945 Returned to Holland.
05.03.1957 Sold as scrap to Dutch ship breaker.
1957 Ijmuden registry closed.