Mount Viso  GN 56

Built 1898          Cumming & Ellis, Inverkeithing Fifeshire  (Steel)
Yard No 30
Owner at New Muirheads Trawlers Ltd, Edinburgh  (James Muirhead manager).
ID no 108586
Launch Date 20.06.1898
Completed 1898
Gross Tons 178
Nett Tons 68
Engine 72 hp    C.2-cyl  by  Hutson & Sons, Glasgow
Length 108.7ft
Breadth 21.1ft
Depth 10.4ft
1898 Registered at Granton GN 56
19.09.1898 Struck the west pier on leaving Granton, smashing her bow to the waters edge, engines did not go astern ? Taken back to builders at Inverkeithing for repairs.
15.11.1898 Collided with S. T. "Mary Bell" GN 58.  Damage to both vessels was considerable.
03.01.1899 Found disabled by S.T. "Champion" GN 48 in the North Sea and towed  90 miles to Granton. (£1000 salvage fee claimed, £200 towage fee paid after court settlement)
21.11.1899 Returned to Granton after her mizzen mast, gallows and quarter boat were damaged in collision with an unknown vessel.
03.02.1900 Ran ashore on the west side of May Island Firth of Forth. Lost propeller and other damages, later refloated and towed to Granton by S.T. "Mont Blanc" GN 51.
04.02.1901 Skipper James Dumbreck at Haddington Sheriff Court fined £30 or 60 days imprisonment for fishing inside the legal limit in the Firth of Forth on 26th Dec 1900.
09.12.1902 Collided with the trawler S. T. "Hopetoun" while returning from the fishing grounds. Bows damaged both vessels head for Granton.
1904 Muirheads Trawlers Ltd goes into Liquidation.
03.05.1904 Owned by Joseph Constant (Shipbroker) London
01.10.1905 Owned by H. O. Rice & Others, Colchester.
1908 Owned by Thomas H. Jones, Swansea (John H. Rice manager)
1908 Granton registry closed.
1908 Registered at Swansea SA?
1915 Owned by Knight Prendor Tug Co Ltd, Liverpool (J. Prendeville manager) .
1915 Swansea registry closed.
1915 Registered at Liverpool.
1915 Renamed “KNIGHT PRENDOR”.
03.1918 Requisitioned as a tug renamed “SIR THOMAS”.
01.1919 Returned to Owners reverted to "Knight Prendor"
1919 Owned by West Coast Towage & Salvage Co Ltd, Liverpool.
07.1920 Owned by John Readhead, South Shields (George Brown manager).
07.1920 Liverpool registry closed.
07.1920 Renamed "GREAT BRITAIN"
07.1920 Registered at South Shields
07.1923 Owned by Brown Tug Co Ltd, South Shields ( George Brown manager)
1926 Robert Lincoln appointed manager.
1928 Sold as scrap to Thomas W. Ward, Sheffield for £405.
06.1928 Scrapped by Thomas W. Ward at Inverkeithing Fifeshire.