Steaming to the Fishing Grounds

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joe Kerr

Netta  Croan   LH 100

Built 1957     John Lewis & Sons Ltd,   Aberdeen (Steel)
Yard No 267
Owner at New Joe Croan Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh (Joe Croan manager)
ID no 186657
Launch Date 28.02.1957
Completed 05.1957
Gross Tons 268
Nett Tons 87
Engine 640  hp   4cyl 2SA  M44M by    British Polar Ltd, Glasgow   Engine number 338
Length 115.3ft
Breadth 25.1ft
Depth 12ft
05.1957 Registered at Leith LH 100
1965 Skipper James Barclay broke port record grossing £5,500 for 14 day trip to the Faeroes.
1967 Owned by Carnie & Croan  Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh (William Carnie manager)
1966 Winner of Joe Croan  "Golden Haddock Award"  highest earning  Near/Middle Water Trawler.  (Skipper James Gay Barclay)
1969 Owned by Croan Trawlers  Ltd, Granton Edinburgh (Joe Croan manager)
1970 Owned by British United Trawlers (Scotland) Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh
13.04.1974 Badly damaged by fire off Aberdeen on the way to the fishing grounds.  Twelve crew rescued by Aberdeen Lifeboat. One man lost overboard (Hugh Farrell). Fire caused by faulty galley stove.
1974 Sold as scrap.
1974 Scrapped by P & W. McLellan Ltd at Bo’ness on Forth.
     In Aberdeen after the fire
  © Unknown 
    In Bo'ness awaiting scrapping
  © Unknown 
    Photo of a painting
  © Unknown