As A.262 alongside pier in Tayport during bunkering accident

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jeremy French

Nettle  GW 11

Built 1905     Mackie & Thomson  Ltd,  Govan  (Steel)
Yard No 311
Owner at New Glasgow Steam Trawling  Co Ltd, Glasgow  (Hugh Alexander & Others)  (Charles Finlay Paton manager)
ID no 121230
Launch Date 19.04.1905
Completed 05.1905
Gross Tons 185
Nett Tons 56
Engine 47 hp    C.2-cyl by W. V. V. Lidgerwood & Co Ltd, Glasgow
Length 110.4ft
Breadth 21ft
Depth 11ft


17.05.1905 Registered at Glasgow GW 11
24.10.1905 Arrived at Granton and reported colliding with the fishery cruiser "Minna" which was at anchor a half mile off the east breakwater at Granton. The impact was such that considerable damage was done to both vessels, the "Nettle" having four plates stove in and a twisted stem, both vessels proceeded to Leith for repairs.
21.03.1906 144 compensation paid to the Fishery Board of Scotland for damages caused to the fishery cruiser "Minna2 by the S. T. "Nettle" on 24th September 1905.
19.11.1906 Collided with S.T. "U.S.A" GN 25 on fishing grounds 30 miles East from North Berwick, sustaining considerable damage to the bow.
05.09.1907 Collided with and sank S.S. "Caledonian" (249g/1875) a bucket dredger between Cumbrae & Bute, Firth of Clyde, receiving severe damage to starboard side.
1910 Owned by Paton's Trawlers Ltd,  Glasgow (Charles Finlay Paton manager)
07.1918 Owned by Port St Mary Fishing & Curing Co Ltd,  London        (Charles Jeffs Jnr, Fleetwood, manager)
1919 Joseph A. Taylor   appointed manager
08.1919 Glasgow registry closed.
08.08.1919 Registered at Fleetwood FD 342
10.11.1919 Owned by Nettle Trawlers Ltd, London (Benjamin Allenby manager c/o Sam Isaacs Ltd, Aberdeen).
28.11.1919 Fleetwood registry closed.
14.01.1920 Registered at Aberdeen  A.262 
11.06.1920 Crewman John McKay was injured following an accident when a coal truck crashed through the bunkering hoist at Tayport, he died from his injuries a month later.
13.12.1922 Owned by Charles Finlay Paton, Glasgow (owner/manager)
18.09.1925 Owned by Joseph A. Taylor, Fleetwood (Harold Taylor manager)
18.09.1925 Aberdeen registry closed.
19. 09.1925 Registered at Fleetwood FD 61.
1926 Owned by Bourne Trawling Co Ltd,  Fleetwood     (Joseph A. & Harold Taylor, managers)
1933 Sold as scrap.
02.11.1933 Fleetwood registry closed.