Nightingale GW 22

Built 1892   Hall Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen (Steel)
Yard No 276
Owner at New James Kennedy Robertson, John Morrice, Thomas Ritchie George Craig and Andrew Craig, Aberdeen (James Kennedy Robertson owner/skipper)
ID no 99644
Launch Date 1892
Completed 12.1892
Gross Tons 97
Nett Tons 24
Engine 40 hp   C.2-cyl by Hall Russell  & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen
Length 86.4ft
Breadth 19.1ft
Depth 10.1ft
31.12.1892 Registered at Aberdeen A.702
21.01.1897 Collided with the  S.T. "North American"  A.747 causing minimal damage.
1899 Owned by James Myles, Glasgow (owner/manager)
08.04.1899 Aberdeen registry closed.
04.1899 Registered at Glasgow GW 22
22.05.1905 Skipper Frederick Powdrell charged with stabbing two women in Grimsby, bailed and committed to the Court of Sessions for trial.
26.03.1906 Ran ashore in the Aberdeen harbour navigation channel, refloated on the high tide.
26.11.1906 At Lerwick Sheriff Court, Skipper Frederick Powdrell, failed to appear on a charge of illegally fishing within the three mile limit off Unst, Shetland on 28th September. The accused appeared three days later and was fined 100 and his fishing gear confiscated, the accused was given no time to pay.
1915 Owned by Andrew Walker, Aberdeen  (owner/manager)
1915 Glasgow registry closed.
02.12.1915 Registered at Aberdeen A.556
22.04.1917 Captured by submarine (U 44) and sank by time bombs 26 miles south of Aberdeen
10.05.1917 Aberdeen registry closed.