Between Jane Ross and Aberdeen Fish market

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jock Kerr

North King  GN 44

Built 1906   Hall Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen  (Steel)
Yard No 403
Owner at New North Line Steam Fishing Co Ltd,  Aberdeen  (William Pyper manager)
ID no 123357
Launch Date 26.05.1906
Completed 07.1906
Gross Tons 194
Nett Tons 75
Engine 73 hp   T.3-cyl by Hall Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen
Length 115.3ft
Breadth 21.6ft
Depth 11.6ft


04.07.1906 Registered at Aberdeen A.86
24.10.1908 Arrived in Aberdeen with the S.S. "Rinfaxe" (500g/1908) of Copenhagen for Grangemouth in tow. Skipper Reynolds stated they had come across the abandoned vessel to days previously and taken her in tow.
05.11.1908 5000 paid to North Line Steam Fishing Co Ltd,  Aberdeen  for services rendered to S.S. "Rinfaxe"
Pre1910 John AlexanderHarrow appointed manager.
01.01.1914 Tonnage altered 194g/74.5n after re-measurement.
09.1914 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (Ad.No.512) based at Granton.
29.12.1913 Owned by Edward Walker, Newhaven Edinburgh (owner/manager).
1919 Returned to Owners
30.12.1919 Owned by Walkers Trawlers (Newhaven) Ltd, Newhaven Edinburgh (Edward  J.  Walker manager)
06.05.1920 Aberdeen registry closed.
08.05.1920 Registered at Granton GN 44
19.04.1922 Owned by Edward J. Walker,  Newhaven Edinburgh (owner/ manager)
04.12.1923 Walkers Trawlers (Newhaven) Ltd, Newhaven Edinburgh dissolved.
04.06.1930 Skipper Arthur Bell fined 20 & 4.16s costs at a court in Berwick, for fishing within the  three mile limit off the Farne Islands Northumberland.
1934 Owned by W. Mc Kenzie, Aberdeen (owner/manager)
07.1934 Granton registry closed.
07.07.1934 Registered at Aberdeen A.94
1937 Sold as scrap to Metal Industries Ltd, Charlestown Fife for 250.
01.10.1937 Arrived at Charlestown Fife.
13.10.1937 Scrapped by Metal Industries Ltd, Charlestown Fife. 
22.11.1937 Aberdeen registry closed.