Ocean Rover GN 2

Built 1881  David Allan & Co, Leith Edinburgh (Wood)
Yard No  
Owner at New William Gunn & Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh  
ID no 81965
Launch Date 05.1881
Completed 05.1881
Gross Tons 83
Nett Tons 67
Engine 30 hp C.2-cyl by Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh
Length 86.3ft
Breadth 16.3ft
Depth 8.1ft
06.05.1881 Registered at Granton GN 2
23.11.1881 Sought shelter from the severe weather in North Berwick harbour
17.12.1881 Chartered by the Northern Lighthouse Commissioners, Edinburgh, as a supply vessel to the Bell Rock Lighthouse during the absence of the S.S. "Pharos"
10.02.1883 Found a floating stage 21ft x16ft x 1ft half a mile west of Inchkeith Firth of Forth.
11.03.1885 Robert Scott (mate) fined 1.1s at Cupar Sheriff court for steering an erratic course and damaging the drift nets of "Socrates" KY 2062 approx 2 miles off St. Monance Firth of Forth on 22nd Dec1884.
27.05.1889 Hired along with S.T. "Kingfisher" GN 4 & S.T. "Le Glorieux" GN  by the Admiralty laying down torpedoes & for torpedo trials in the Firths of Forth & Tay during July..
22.12.1890 Arrived at Anstruther Fife with a broken crankshaft.
1892 Skipper John Gilbertson fined 50 for fishing inside 3 mile limit at Methil Sheriff Court, Fife
03.05.1895 Foundered 23 miles East of May Island Firth of Forth after the water recirculation pipe burst. Skipper Gilbertson and crew took to the small boat. Rescued about one hour later by the passing Norwegian schooner "Glitner" and landed at Dysart Fife