As a minesweeper

  Reproduced under IWM Non-Commercial Licence

Oystermouth Castle  GW 23

Built 1914  Smiths Dock Co Ltd,  Middlesbrough  (Steel)
Yard No 564
Owner at New Castle Steam Trawlers Ltd, Swansea (Crawford Heron manager)
ID no 136112
Launch Date 11.03.1914
Completed 03.1914
Gross Tons 283
Nett Tons 112
Engine 85 hp  T.3-cyl by  Smiths Dock Co Ltd,  Middlesbrough
Length 128.8ft
Breadth 23.5ft
Depth 12.8ft
07.04.1914 Registered at Swansea SA 4
17.04.1914 Mortgaged by Castle Steam Trawlers Ltd, Swansea (A)
17.04.1917 Mortgagee De Eirste Rederlandsche Scheeps Verband Maatsschappij, Dordrecht Holland.
22.10.1918 Owned by Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co Ltd, Grimsby (John Denton Marsden manager).
29.05.1917 Requisitioned as a Fishery Patrol Vessel.
08.1917 Converted to minesweeper (Ad.No 3060) based at Lerwick Shetland.
1919 Returned to Owners.
01.04.1919 Mortgage (A) discharged.
27.11.1923 Mortgaged by Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co Ltd, Grimsby (B).
27.11.1923 Mortgagee London Joint City and Midland Bank Ltd, London
04.03.1924 Manager becomes Sir John Denton Marsden, Bart
09.1927 Owned by Consolidated Fisheries Ltd,  Grimsby  (Sir John Denton Marsden, Bart manager).
29.05.1940 Requisitioned and converted to Auxiliary Patrol Vessel, based at Grimsby.
1941 Converted to minesweeper (P.No.4.101)
24.07.1942 Mortgage (B) discharged.
14.08.1942 Owned by Northern Trawlers Ltd, London  ( William Alfred Bennett manager ).
01.1946 Returned to Owners.
31.12.1946 Owned by Lord Line, Hull. 
21.12.1946 Swansea registry closed.
12.1946 Registered at Hull H 378.
1949 Owned by John S. Boyle Ltd, Glasgow (R. Allen manager).
1949 Hull registry closed.
1949 Registered at Glasgow GW  23
05.1954 Sold as scrap to BISCO (British Iron & Steel Co) for 4500
06.1954 Arrived at Charlestown Fife
06.1954 Scrapped by Shipbreaking Industries Ltd at Charlestown  Fife