As Calydavia in Milford Haven

Reproduced with acknowledgement to John Stevenson & Milford Trawler website

Pelagos  GN 55

Built 1918   Bow McLachlan & Co Ltd, Renfrew as "Charles Donelly" (Steel)
Yard No 359
Owner at New Admiralty    (Ad.No.3679)
ID no 143465
Launch Date 28.06.1918
Completed 12.07.1918
Gross Tons 279
Nett Tons 109
Engine 61 hp      T.3-cyl by Bow  McLachlan & Co Ltd, Renfrew
Length 125.7ft
Breadth 23.4ft
Depth 12.8ft


04.05.1920 Owned by David Pettit,  Milford Haven (owner/manager)(8500)
25.05.1920 Registered at London  LO 358
20.07.1920 Renamed  "CALYDAVIA"  
20.07.1920 London registry closed
21.07.1920 Registered at Milford Haven M 110
1920 Owned by D. Pettit Ltd, Milford Haven (Mrs Elizabeth A. H. Pettit, manager).
02.11.1934 Owned by Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice  Co Ltd,  Fleetwood (Basil Arthur Parkes manager)
04.02.1935 Owned by Liston  Carnie, William Carnie Jnr and Thomas Young Carnie Glasgow & Newhaven Edinburgh  (Carnie & Gibb Ltd) (William Carnie Jnr manager).
04.02.1936 Milford registry closed.
02.1936 Renamed "PELAGOS"
02.1936 Registered at Granton  GN 55
24.10.1936 Damaged during a storm by S.T. "Star of The Isles" which had broken adrift in Oban Bay, a claim for 354.12/- for reparation was pursued in the courts
1939 Owned by Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice  Co Ltd,  Fleetwood.    (Basil  Arthur Parkes manager)
09.03.1940 Fishing 12 miles NW of Tory Island, Co. Donegal reported in company with Irish trawler "Leukos" D 86; "Alvis" H 52; "Flying Admiral" H 66;" John Morrice "A 786 and "Sedock" GY 123.Approached by U-boat (U.38) which fired a single round at a trawler, hitting her in the engine room and she subsequently sank. Although no conclusive evidence confirms, the trawler probably was the "Leukos"; all eleven crew lost. 
05.1940 Requisitioned and converted to an Auxiliary Patrol Vessel (P.No.4.103) (Hire rate 83.2s.0d/month)
03.1941 Converted to minesweeper
1942 Owned by St Andrew's Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Hull     (Basil Arthur Parkes manager)
08.1945 Returned to Owners
1945 Owned by Joseph Craig, Aberdeen  
1945 Granton registry closed.
1945 Registered at Aberdeen A.589
 26.01.1953 Owned by Craig Stores (Aberdeen) Ltd, Aberdeen.
1953 Sold as scrap to BISCO (British Iron & Steel Co)
30.12.1953 Arrived Granton for scrapping
1954 Scrapped by Malcolm Brechin at Granton Edinburgh