Retriever  A 666                     

Built 1891        Hall Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen  (Steel)
Yard No 269
Owner at New William Henry Burn, St. Andrews Fifeshire  (Johnstone & Law managers)
ID no 99631
Launch Date 21.10.1891
Completed 11.1891
Gross Tons 151
Nett Tons 49
Engine 53 hp  T.3-cyl by  Hall Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Length 102.2ft
Breadth 21.7ft
Depth 11ft
25.11.1891 Ran trial trip
28.11.1891 Registered at Aberdeen A.666
03.11.1892 Skipper William Weatherly landed a record catch at Aberdeen realising a price of £180
17.12.1901 In collision with S.T. “Russian Empire” H 476 in the North Sea, causing damage to the “Russian Empire” port bulwarks.
27.03.1903 Owned by James Alexander McGlashan, Granton  Edinburgh (owner/manager)
1907 New boiler fitted.
1911 Owned by Fartygs A/B Delfinen, Gothenburg Sweden
17.06.1911 Aberdeen registry closed.
1911 Renamed "EDITH"
1925 Owned by Olaf Ekstrom, Gothenburg Sweden.
1929 Owned by Gosta Berg, Gothenburg Sweden.
1929 Renamed "INGER"
1930 Owned by Govert Grindhaug, Kopervik Norway
1930 Renamed "RYVING"
21.06.1940 Requisitioned into the Kreigsmarine (German Navy) renamed "GNU" NS-24
1945 Returned to owners and reverted to "Ryving"
1947 Diesel two – stroke single acting cylinder -2 Wickmann fitted by M. Haldorsen & Sons, Rubbestadneset, Norway.
1955 Lloyds class withdrawn, net tonnage reported as 191.
1965 Renamed "FINITO"