Ashore in 1937 at Kilminning

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Scotsman newspapers

River Avon GN 37

Built 1918   Rennie Forrest  Shipbuilding Co Ltd  of Wivenhoe Essex as "Lawrence Hughson"  (Steel)
Yard No 1321
Owner at New Admiralty  (Ad.No.4201)
ID no 128773
Launch Date 1918
Completed 21.03.1918
Gross Tons 202
Nett Tons 87
Engine 74 hp    T.3-cyl  by  A. G. Mumford Ltd, Colchester
Length 115.4ft
Breadth 22.1ft
Depth 12.1ft
1919 Sold to the Mercantile
1919 Owned by Stringers Steam Fishing Co Ltd Boston Lincs (Albert Stringer manager) 
06.05.1919 Renamed "ELLOE"
06.05.1919 Registered at Boston BN 63
1924 Owned by Patons' Trawlers Ltd,  Glasgow  (Charles Finlay Paton manager)
09.1925 Boston registry closed.
15.09.1925 Registered at Granton GN 37
12.07.1926 Charles Finlay Paton deceased, George Gallie Paton, sole owner/manager.
1930 Renamed  "RIVER AVON"
30.03.1932 Homeward bound ran ashore at Dunnet Head in Fog , crew landed in own boat. Vessel later refloated by Leith Salvage Co Tug "Bullger" towed to Granton for repairs.
20.10.1935 Arrived at Granton with the body of the mate George Watt (27) who had been washed overboard on the 19th .
07.02.1937  Stranded on Kilminning Rock Fife Ness Firth of Forth. Returning from the fishing grounds. Skipper Philip Stevenson. Several attempts to refloat her were made before she was declared a total loss. At the subsequent Board of Trade inquiry the skipper was found to be negligent and his ticket was suspended for 12 months with 10 costs.