River Tay  GN 54                  

Built 1918  Hall  Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen as "Henry Butcher"  (Steel)
Yard No 628
Owner at New Admiralty   (Ad.No.3638)
ID no 143468
Launch Date 26.03.1918
Completed 26.04.1918
Gross Tons 203
Nett Tons 87
Engine 57 hp  T.3-cyl by Hall  Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen
Length 115.4ft
Breadth 22.1ft
Depth 12.1ft
1919 Sold to the Mercantile
1919 Registered at London
1919 Owned by Montrose Fishing Co Ltd,  Montrose (George Gallie Paton manager)
1919 London registry closed.
26.12.1919 Registered at Montrose ME 112
1920 Renamed "RIVER TAY" 
1922 W. C. Simpson appointed manager
1922 Owned by Paton's Trawlers Ltd,  Glasgow  (George Gallie Paton manager)
1924 Patons' Trawlers Ltd, Glasgow in liquidation.
05.12.1924 Owned by Charles F. Paton, Glasgow (George Gallie Paton manager).
02.10.1925 Montrose registry closed.
03.10.1925 Registered at Granton GN 36
12.07.1926 Charles Finlay Paton deceased, George Gallie Paton, sole owner/manager.
27.02.1934 James Wright  (45) 2 Gibson Terrace Edinburgh,  2nd Engineer washed overboard and drowned, 120 miles from Buchan Ness.
23.04.1942 George Gallie Paton deceased.
1942 Walter Kelso Paton appointed manager.
1942 Owned by Ardrossan Trawling Co Ltd,  Glasgow (Walter K. Paton Ltd, managers). 
24.11.1943 Wrecked  at Ruhna an Ridire, Sound Of Mull during severe storm/blizzard Force 12 westerly. Engine Failure. Crew rescued by Tobermory Lifeboat