Robina  A 903                    

Built 1903    J. Scott & Co Ltd,  Kinghorn  Fife  (Steel)
Yard No 116
Owner at New Walter Warman, Robert Brown, Aberdeen, (Robert Brown manager)
ID no 118174
Launch Date 10.09.1903
Completed 10.1903
Gross Tons 177
Nett Tons 63
Engine 67 hp    T.3-cyl by W. V.V. Lidgerwood & Co Ltd, Glasgow.
Length 108.2 ft
Breadth 21.1ft
Depth 11.3ft
1904 Alec Anderson (Bon Accord Ice Co) appointed manager)
03.04.1906 Ran ashore on the Gaa Bank Firth Of Tay, refloated on next tide.
10.04.1906 Owned by James Alexander McGlashan,  Granton Edinburgh  (owner/manager)   (Skipper  Philip Seaton)
06.02.1907 William Grant (45) Fireman, Leith, lost overboard off Buchan Ness.
01.01.1914 Tonnage altered 176g/68.1n after re-measurement.
22.01.1904 Tonnage altered 168.2g/62.8n after re-measurement.
25.03.1916 John Ferguson (48) cook, Leith, drowned at Aberdeen.
12.1916 Owned by Henry Smethurst,  Grimsby (J. W. Smethurst manager).
08.12.1916 Aberdeen registry closed
12.12.1916 Registered at Grimsby GY 1003
29.05.1917 Requisitioned as Fishery Reserve Vessel
1919 Returned to Owners
05.1924 Owned by Sir Alec  Black,  Grimsby
05.1924 Owned by White Sea & Grimsby Trawlers Ltd,  (J. N. Bacon manager)
11.07.1927 Reported picking up two mines together in her trawl. Skipper cut trawl away to prevent accidental explosion.
1937 Sold as scrap.
06.1937 Scrapped by P & W. McClellan at Bo’ness

Grimsby registry closed.