In Granton Harbour

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Johnleif Joenson Faeroe Islands

Ross Heron  GY 693

Built 1962  Cochrane & Sons Ltd,  Selby (Steel)
Yard No 1468
Owner at New Ross Trawlers Ltd,  Grimsby (Dennis Roberts manager)
ID no 303290
Launch Date 25.10.1961
Completed 05.1962
Gross Tons 288
Nett Tons 92
Engine 785 hp 6cyl 4SA by Ruston Hornsby, Lincoln  
Length 107.5ft
Breadth 24.5ft
Depth 12.5ft
05.1962 Registered at Grimsby GY 693
10.1969 Owned by British United Trawlers Grimsby.
1970 Owned by Goweroak  Ltd Grimsby.
1970 Wyre Trawlers Ltd  Fleetwood
1973 Owned by British United Trawlers Granton Edinburgh.
1978 Owned by British United Trawlers  Aberdeen.
1979 Owned by Colne Shipping Ltd  Lowestoft (G. D. Claridge manager).  
1979 Converted to ORSV (Oil Rig Safety / Supply Vessel)
1981 Renamed  "MUSTIQUE"
1981 Owned by Dagon Fishing Co Ltd Lowestoft (exchanged identities with "Mustique" O.N. 184923).
09.1991 Scrapped.
  As "ORSV "Mustique"
  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Peter Hearn