Reproduced with acknowledgement to Milford Trawlers website & West Wales Guardian

Seton Castle  GN 65

Built 1895    Cochrane & Cooper, Beverley as "Ontario"
Yard No 135
Owner at New Hull Steam Fishing & Ice Co Ltd, Hull (Henry Toozes, manager)
ID no 105064
Launch Date 26.08.1895
Completed 09.1895
Gross Tons 139
Nett Tons 58 
Engine 34 hp   T.3-cyl by  Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull
Length 98.5ft
Breadth 20.5ft
Depth 11ft
26.09.1895 Registered at Hull H 294
06.1914 Owned by V. Putz Co, Geestemunde Germany 
23.06.1914 Hull registry closed.
1914 Renamed "WEST".
1914 Registered at Geestemunde PG 197.
07.10.1915 Captured by HMS "Manly" in the North Sea.
10.1915 Renamed "CUDWOSIN"  and commissioned as a minsweeper (Ad.No.1944).
1917 New boiler fitted.
16.03.1920 Sold by auction at Aberdeen to the Mercantile
16.03.1920 Owned by George Brown  & Thomas Thomson Brown, Leith Edinburgh  (George Brown manager)(2300) .
03.07.1920 Renamed "SETON CASTLE"
03.07.1920 Registered at Granton GN 65.
06.1924 Owned by Edward  James Hellings & Hans Brun Tyvold, Milford Haven  (Edward James Hellings manager).
28.06.1924 Granton registry closed.
03.07.1924 Registered at Milford Haven M 27
06.04.1926 Towed S.S. "Olivine" (754g/1918) of Glasgow into Holyhead.
Pre1927 Owned by Edward  James  Hellings, Milford Haven (owner/manager).
23.12.1932 Owned by Ernest C. A. Clark, London
02.1933 Owned by Jacques A. Testulat, Dieppe France
28.021933 Milford registry closed.
02.1933 Renamed "ABYSSINIA"
02.1933 Registered at Dieppe.
28.08.1933 Foundered near Portsail, Finnistere, all crewmen rescued.