Reproduced with acknowledgement to RNZN

Simplon GN 59

Built 1898    Cumming & Ellis,  Inverkeithing  (Steel)
Yard No 36
Owner at New Muirheads Trawlers Ltd, Edinburgh (James Miurhead manager)
ID no 108590
Launch Date 18.08.1898
Completed 11.1898
Gross Tons 184
Nett Tons 69
Engine 75 hp    C.2-cyl  by  Hutson & Sons Ltd, Glasgow
Length 109ft
Breadth 21.1ft
Depth 10.4ft
04.11.1898 Registered at Granton GN 59
09.04.1901 Thomas Jinks landed at Granton and taken to Leith Hospital with severe head injuries, sustained when he was dashed against the funnel in heavy weather.
Pre1904 William G. Muirhead appointed manager.
1904 Muirheads Trawlers Ltd goes into Liquidation.
03.05.1904 Owned by Joseph Constant, (Shipbroker) London
01.10.1905 Owned by Swansea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd, Swansea
07.10.1908 Owned by J. E. Fisher (Shipbroker) Liverpool, selling vessels on behalf of liquidators.
08.10.1908 Owned by Thomas H. Jones, Swansea (John H. Rice manager).
1908 Granton registry closed.
1908 Registered at Swansea SA?
1910 Owned by William Cave, Adelaide Australia
05.04.1910 Swansea registry closed.
1910 Registered at Port Adelaide.
1915 Carried out fishing research in the Great Australian Bight on behalf of the Australian Government
06.1917 Chartered by Royal New Zealand Navy as a minesweeper.
1919 Chartered to Auckland City Council New Zealand as a trawler (J. S. Brigham, town clerk)
1925 Port Adelaide registry closed.
1925 Registered at Auckland.
1926 Owned by Auckland Launch & Towboat Co Ltd, Auckland New Zealand. Mizzen mast removed and converted to tug
1930 Owned by Fish Ltd,  Auckland, New Zealand. Mizzen mast replaced and reverted to trawling.
1934 Sold as scrap.
  Reproduced with acknowledgement to RNZN