St Bernard   GN 44

Built 1893     Grangemouth Dockyard Co Ltd, Grangemouth  (Steel)
Yard No 180
Owner at New James Muirhead, Edinburgh (owner/ manager)
ID no 99904
Launch Date 13.08.1893
Completed 09.1893
Gross Tons 166
Nett Tons 34
Engine 50 hp    T.3-cyl by Hutson & Son, Glasgow
Length 117ft
Breadth 21ft
Depth 12ft
09.1893 Registered at Granton GN 44
10.10.1894 Collided with S.T. "Malta II" GN 39 while transferring fish on the fishing grounds causing damage to stem of the "Malta II".
20.11.1894 Towed S.T. "Challenger" GN 15 for 6 hrs from the fishing grounds into Granton (disabled engines).
09.09.1895 Struck by S.T. "Le Glorieux" GN? which sank of Berwick. All crew were saved. Substantial damage was done and the vessel dry-docked for repairs.
13.01.1894 Towed into Granton from 30 miles east of May Island Firth of Forth with a broken crankshaft the S.T. "Albatross" GN 13.
29.11.1897 Arrived at Granton with her mizzen mast washed away and other storm damage.
16.12.1897 Arrived in Granton with Norwegian schooner "Ceres" of Lillesand in tow, from about 5 miles east of the May Island Firth of Forth.
01.01.1898 Owned by Muirheads Trawlers Ltd Edinburgh (James Muirhead manager).
26.02.1898 Towed the disabled German schooner "Aana" of Hamburg to Granton from 15 miles east of the May island Firth of Forth in severe weather.
18.09.1898 Rescued three crewmen  of Norwegian schooner "Alekto" of Christiansund after she had been run down by an unknown steamer off the  May Island Firth of Forth.
15.08.1900 Skipper Robert Clements at Cupar Sheriff court fined 25 or 14 days imprisonment for fishing 1 miles inside the legal limit at the May Island Firth of Forth on 29th June 1900.
Pre1904 William G. Muirhead appointed manager.
1904 Muirheads Trawlers goes into Liquidation.
1904 Mortgaged to the North of Scotland Bank
Post1905 Owned by Edward Walker, Newhaven Edinburgh (owner/manager)
17.05.1905 Struck German steamship "Emma Sauber" in Firth of Forth. Both vessels damaged.
1910 Owned by Russian owners in Odessa.
1910 Granton registry closed.
1910  Renamed "OUSPEKH"
  Largest trawler afloat & fastest in fleet when built