As GY 676 lying in Scarborough

© Reproduced with acknowledgement to Mick Watchman Scarborough

Star of the South A 647

Built 1903  Hall Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen  (Steel)
Yard No 364
Owner at New Walker Steam Trawl Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen. 
ID no 115588
Launch Date 03.12.1902
Completed 01.1903
Gross Tons 193
Nett Tons 47
Engine 67 hp   T.3-cyl by  Hall Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen
Length 112.1ft
Breadth 21.6ft
Depth 12ft


15.01.1903 Registered at Aberdeen A.647
01.1903 Thomas Walker appointed manager
15.09.1911 Owned by John Brown Granton Edinburgh (Archibald Glen Brown manager).
13.12.1912 Owned by Archibald Glen Brown, Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager).
01.01.1914 Tonnage altered 193g/74.1n after re-measurement.
07.02.1914 Tonnage altered 182.4/69.37n after survey at Leith on 06.02.1914.
13.09.1915 Owned by George William Cole ,Grimsby
21.09.1915 Aberdeen registry closed.
23.09.1915 Registered at Grimsby GY 676
29.09.1915 George William Cole appointed manager.
04.10.1915 Owned by George William Cole, Grimsby (16 shares), Reginald Jeffs Goodwin, Cleethorpes (16 shares); Henry Hasgensen, Grimsby (16 shares) and Joseph Wallace Stookes, Grimsby (16 shares).
04.10.1915  Mortgaged by Reginald Jeffs Goodwin (16 shares), Henry Hasgensen (16 shares), and Joseph Wallace Stookes (16shares) Grimsby (A)
04.10.1915 Mortgagee:  Barclay & Co Ltd, London.
07.10.1915 Reginald Jeffs Goodwin appointed manager.
16.10.1915 Reginald Jeffs Goodwin (16 shares) sold to Joseph Robert Elijah Mordaunt, Cleethorpes Lincs.
21.10.1915 Reginald Jeffs Goodwin appointed manager.
02.11.1915 Mortgage (A) discharged.
03.11.1915 Mortgaged by Reginald Jeffs Goodwin, Henry Hasgensen, Joseph William Stookes & Joseph Robert Elijah Mordaunt, Grimsby (64 shares) (B).
03.11.1915 Mortgagee:  Barclay & Co Ltd, London.
05.07.1916 Joseph Robert Elijah Mordaunt (16 shares) sold to Joseph Wallace Stookes, Grimsby.
22.02.1917 Mortgagee becomes Barclays Bank Ltd, London
20.03.1917 Henry Hasgensen (16 shares) sold to Joseph Wallace Stookes Grimsby.
23.03.1917 Mortgage (B) discharged.
26.03.1917 George William Cole (16 shares) sold to Leonard White, Grimsby.
26.03.1917 Alec Black appointed manager.
03.04.1917 48 shares mortgaged by Joseph Wallace Stookes, Grimsby (C).
03.04.1917 Mortgagee:  Union of London and Smith’s Bank Ltd, London.
20.05.1917 Requisitioned as Fishery Reserve Vessel
13.07.1917 Mortgage (C) discharged.
13.07.1917 Joseph Wallace Stookes (48 shares) sold to George William White (32 shares), and Leonard White, (16 shares), Grimsby.
13.07.1917 Alec Black appointed manager.
11.08.1917 Mortgaged by George William White and Leonard White, Grimsby (D). 
11.08.1917 Mortgagee: London Joint Stock Bank Ltd, London.
16.10.1918 Mortgage (D) discharged.   
23.10.1918 Owned by James Coombes, Harrogate Yorkshire (owner/manager).
30.10.1918  Mortgaged by James Coombes, Harrogate Yorkshire (E).
30.10.1918 Mortgagee: National Provincial & Union Bank of England Ltd, London.
1919 Returned to Owners.
15.02.1924 Mortgagee becomes National Provincial Bank Ltd, London.
16.09.1925 Mortgage (E) discharged.
17.09.1925 Owned by Mrs Jeanne Marie Francaise Aimee Nierinck, Blackpool.
03.11.1925 Frank Thornley, Fleetwood appointed manager.
09.01.1926 Mortgaged by Mrs Jeanne Marie Francaise Aimee Nierinck, Blackpool (F).
09.01.1926 Mortgagee: Union Bank of Manchester Ltd, Manchester.
25.09.1930 Following heavy weather, put in to Douglas with ingress of water caused by damage to shell plating in way of after trawl door.
17.11.1930 Mortgage (F) discharged.
17.11.1930 Owned by Arthur Manuel Goldsmith, Fleetwood.

Arthur Manuel Goldsmith appointed manager.  

10.1932 Sold as scrap to Thomas W. Ward Ltd, Sheffield.
1932 Scrapped by Thos. W. Ward Ltd at Preston Lancs.
18.10.1932 Grimsby registry closed.