Strathdon  A 660

Built 1891   Hall Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen  (Steel)
Yard No 267
Owner at New Aberdeen Steam Trawling & Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen (John Brown manager)
ID no 98567
Launch Date 03.10.1891
Completed 11.1891
Gross Tons 155
Nett Tons 42
Engine 47 hp T.3-cyl by Hall Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Length 102.5ft
Breadth 20.2ft
Depth 10.6ft


03.11.1891 Registered at Aberdeen  A.660.
27.02.1892 Sailed Aberdeen for the Faeroese fishing grounds after rigging for long line fishing and taking on a Grimsby crew.
15.03.1892 Landed 18score of halibut, 50 score of cod for close to 200, trip deemed a great success.
23.08.1898 Collided with the paddle trawler "Flying Fish" SD 286 approximately 25 miles east of Aberdeen, causing considerable damage, cutting away around ten feet of the fore end.
24.08.1898 Arrived in Aberdeen with the damaged "Flying Fish" SD 286 in tow, both vessels were beached for repairs.
20.02.1899 Company dissolved and reformed under same name.
27.12.1908 Skipper George Cowling, driven ashore at Donmouth in severe  SE gales, two crewmen taken of by Coastguard, later refloated.
03.06.1912 Ran ashore in thick fog at skerries of  Skea, Westray Orkney.
06.06.1912 Crew taken off and landed at Kirkwall.
12.06.1912  Refloated with the aid of the salvage vessel "Ocean Bride", little damage found, taken to Kirwall under her own steam.
10.02.1913 Returned to Aberdeen to report the loss of deckhand John Rosa while 40 miles east of Aberdeen.
01.01.1914 Tonnage altered to 155g/57.1n after re-measurement.
09.03.1914 Owned by James Alexander McGlashan, Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager).
03.08.1915 Owned by Joseph Mitchell Lamb, Edinburgh (James Alexander McGlashan manager).
06.03.1916 Owned by James Mearns Davidson & Robert Milne, Aberdeen.
11.1916 Owned by George Frederick  Sleight, Grimsby.
21.11.1916 Aberdeen registry closed.
23.11.1916 Registered at Grimsby GY 997
29.05.1917 Requisitioned as a Fishery Reserve Vessel.
01.01.1918 Owner/manager becomes Sir George Frederick Sleight.
1919 Returned to Owners.
23.01.1920 In collision with S.T. "Laurel" GY 275 28 miles off Spurn Point, which later foundered all crewmen rescued.
11.1924 Owned by R. L. Humphreys, Grimsby.
11.1925 Sold as scrap.
16.11.1925 Grimsby registry closed.