Alonside in Aberdeen A 931.

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Joe Kerr

                   Strathisla GN 57                 

Built 1905   Hall Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen (Steel)
Yard No 389
Owner at New Aberdeen Steam Trawling & Fishing Co Ltd,  Aberdeen (John Brown manager)
ID no 118195
Launch Date 13.09.1905
Completed 10.1905
Gross Tons 193
Nett Tons 58
Engine 67 hp   T.3-cyl by Hall Russell & Co Ltd,  Aberdeen
Length 110.2ft
Breadth 21.8ft
Depth 11.7ft


12.10.1905 Registered at Aberdeen A.909
1915 Requisitioned and converted a minesweeper (Ad.No.130) and based at Inverness, later used as a Mooring Vessel.
01.01.1914 Tonnage altered 193g/76.7n after re-measurement. 
19.05.1914 Owned by Joseph Mitchell Lamb and & Robert Glen Brown, Granton Edinburgh (Robert Glen Brown manager).
1915 Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper (Ad.No.130) and based at Inverness, later used as a Mooring Vessel.
10.1916 Owned by John L. Green Ltd, Grimsby (Fred Clark manager)
19.10.1916 Aberdeen registry closed.
21.10.1916 Registered at Grimsby GY 987
05.1917 Deployed as a Boom Defence Vessel
1919 Returned to owners
05.1920 Owned by George R. Drennan,Granton Edinburgh (owner/manager)
26.05.1920 Grimsby registry closed
29.05.1920 Registered at Granton GN 57
05.10.1922 Owned by John Farquhar & Thomas William Kennaird, Aberdeen (Horace Edward Stroud manager).
12.10.1922 Granton registry closed.
17.10.1922 Registered at Aberdeen A.931
12.04.1923 Owned by John Farquhar & Horace Edward Stroud, Aberdeen (Horace Edward Stroud manager).
02.02.1924 Owned by George Wright Grimmer & Charles Robertson Grimmer, Aberdeen (Horace Edward Stroud manager).
08.12.1924 Owned by George Wood,  Aberdeen (owner/manager)
13.12.1924 Renamed "BURNBANKS"
11.08.1930 Owned by George Wood & George Gardiner, Aberdeen (George Wood manager).
27.11.1935 Owned by George Wood,  Aberdeen (owner/manager)
16.09.1944 Owned by Burnbanks Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen (George Wood manager).
1946 Owned by Ministry of Transport, London.
24.10.1946 Aberdeen registry closed (no longer used for fishing).
1948 Sold as scrap.