Strathspey  GN 15

Built 1894    Hall Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen  (Steel)
Yard No 284
Owner at New Aberdeen Steam Trawling and Fishing Co Ltd, Aberdeen (John Brown manager)
ID no 104502
Launch Date 14.9.1894
Completed 09.1894
Gross Tons 163
Nett Tons 46
Engine 41 hp    T.3-cyl by Hall Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen
Length 102.5ft
Breadth 21.7ft
Depth 11ft
26.09.1894 Registered at Aberdeen A.751
20.02.1899 Company dissolved/sold and reformed under same name.
13.03.1899 Rescued the three surviving crewmen from S.S. "Idraet" (1076g/1873) of Stavanger Norway after she foundered in the North Sea..
05.1905 Owned by William Lyle, Newhaven  Edinburgh (owner/manager)
05.05.1905 Aberdeen registry closed.
05.1905 Registered at Granton GN 15.
1906 Owned by David H. Milne, Leith Edinburgh (owner/manager)
1912 Owned by James Liston Inglis, Leith Edinburgh (owner/manager).
1913 Owned by Norwegian owners.
1913 Granton registry closed.
1913 Renamed "GUDMOND"
1913 Registered at Haugesund.
1925  Owned by A/S Sjoglimt  Haugesund Norway.
Pre1930 Renamed "SJOGLIMIT"  (J. Svinelid manager)
1935 Lengthened to 118.3ft (190g/73n).
1946 Fitted with 6-cyl diesel by Crossley Bros, Manchester.
1958 Lengthened to 136.1ft (215g). (Still in Lloyds register 1963).