Alongside the middle pier Granton

Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Shetland Museum & Archives

Summerside LH 389

Built 1961   A. J. Mitchell & Co Ltd, Peterhead  (Steel)
Yard No 6
Owner at New William Liston Ltd,  Newhaven Edinburgh (William Liston manager)
ID no 303454
Launch Date 29.06.1961
Completed 1961
Gross Tons 214
Gross Tons 70
Engine 660 hp    8-cyl 4SA by Lister Blackstone Marine Ltd, Dursley
Length 106ft
Breadth 23.8ft
Depth 11.9ft
1961 Registered at Leith LH 389.
06.05.1970 Stranded and wrecked  0.25 miles  North of Garron Point  Stonehaven. 10 crew rescued by coastguard breeches buoy. Skipper Ronald Wonnacott and Chief Engineer  remained on the vessel to aid any salvage attempt. Vessel declared total loss.
02.03.1972 At the subsequent inquiry Skipper Ronald Wonnacott of Stonehaven found to be negligent and had his certificate suspended for 18 months
  Reproduced with acknowledgement Bobby (Ships Nostalgia)