As "Arctic Crusader"

Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jim Pottinger, Aberdeen

Summervale LH 373

Built 1960   A. J.  Mitchell & Co Ltd, Peterhead  (Steel)
Yard No 5
Owner at New William Liston Ltd, Newhaven Edinburgh (William Liston manager)
ID no 300621
Launch Date 11.06.1960
Completed 1960
Gross Tons 217
Gross Tons 70
Engine 660 hp    8-cyl 4SA by  Lister Blackstone Marine Ltd, Dursley
Length 106ft
Breadth 23.8ft
Depth 11.9ft
1960 Registered at Leith LH 373.
1972 Owned by William Liston Ltd, Newhaven Edinburgh (Boyd Line Hull managers).
1972 Renamed "ARCTIC CRUSADER".


Trawling from Granton ends. Some ships transfer to Aberdeen.
Pre1981 Owned by George Wood (Aberdeen) Ltd, Aberdeen.
1982 Owned by Seaward Fishing Services (Aberdeen) Ltd Aberdeen.
16.11.1982 Ran ashore outside Scrabster Harbour after breaking adrift in NW storm, crew unable to start engines,  Lifeboat standing by, eventually started engines but still had to be towed back to Scrabster.
1983 Sold as scrap.
1983 Scrapped by James A. White at St David's on Forth
  Alongside "Strathallan" GN 15 & "Granton Kestrel" GN 17 in Lerwick
  Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Shetland Museum & Archive
  Reproduced with acknowledgement J. Parr Aberdeen
  Awaiting scrapping at St. Davids
  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Jim Pottinger Aberdeen