As Gladys FD 423

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to The Bosuns Watch website

The Bruce LH 21

Built 1916  Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd,  Beverley as " Sannyrion" (Steel)
Yard No 358
Owner at New Ordered by Standard Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby
ID no 143963
Launch Date 10.02.1917
Completed 15.06.1917 as "JOHN ARTHUR" fitted with Listening Hydrophones (AdNo.3613)
Gross Tons 286


Nett Tons 112
Engine 68 hp    T.3-cyl by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull
Length 130.2ft
Breadth 23ft
Depth 12.2ft
1917 Purchased by the Admiralty whilst on the stocks.
03.02.1920 Registered at London LO 299.
1923 Sold to the Mercantile.  
01.1923 Owned by Fleetwood Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Grimsby     (George Edward James Moody Grimsby manager).
18.01.1923 London registry closed.
19.01.1923 Renamed "GLADYS".    
19.01.1923  Registered at Fleetwood FD 423. 
01.01.1926 Manager becomes Sir George Edward James Moody.
24.04.1932 Towed into Fleetwood from St. Kilda by S.T. "Florence Brierley" FD 105 with a damaged propeller. 
1939  Sir George Edward James Moody deceased.
1939 William B. Moody appointed manager; William Moody Kelly, Fleetwood managing agents.
29.11.1939 Requisitioned and converted to Boom Defence Vessel (Hire rate 83.8.4d/month).
23.11.1943 Purchased by the Ministry of War & Transport.
23.11.1943 Fleetwood registry closed.
1944 Based at Fort William   (D. MacBrayne Ltd Glasgow agents).
04.1946 Sold to the Mercantile.
04.1946 Owned by Jones Buckie Shipyard  Ltd,  Larbert, Stirlingshire.
1947 Renamed "THE BRUCE"
1947 Registered at Buckie BCK 179.
1949 Owned by Joseph Croan Ltd,  Newhaven Edinburgh   
1949 Buckie registry closed.
06.1949 Registered at Leith LH 21.
1960 Sold as scrap to BISCO (British Iron & Steel Co).
06.1960 Arrived at Grangemouth.
28.06.1961 Scrapped by G & W. Brunton, Grangemouth. 
  In Lerwick
  Reproduced with acknowledegment to the Shetland Museum & Archives