Tweeddale  GN

Built 1886   Hawthorns & Co Ltd,  Leith Edinburgh (Iron)  
Yard No 22
Owner at New General Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh  (John Scott manager)
ID no 91655
Launch Date 10.04.1886
Completed 1886
Gross Tons 46
Nett Tons 11
Engine 10 hp C.2-cyl by Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh
Length 60.2ft
Breadth 16ft
Depth 8.4ft
28.04.1886 Registered at Granton GN
20.07.1887 Report from the Scotsman, states that vessel has been hired by  a Captain Choppin, to carry out tests/experiments on a patent system of catching fish. Vessel fitted with an electric apparatus engine and dynamo to power incandecent lamps of 6000 candle power by T. H. Perry & Co, Liverpool. It is hoped the powerful lamps will assist in luring fish.
08.1888 Owned by A. F. Ochterlony, Gothenburg Sweden.
1888 Granton registry closed.
1888 Renamed "FLYGARN"
1888 Registered at Gothenburg.
1891 Owned by J. R. B. Lefolli, Copenhagen (Eyrarbakki,) Denmark.
1891 Gothenburg registry closed.
1891 Renamed "ODDUR"
22.05.1891 Registered at Eyrarbakki, Iceland. Used from spring to autumn to transport goods and people between Eyrarbakki and other trading posts on the coast, with occasional trips to Reykjavik, and as a tug to haul sailing ships in and out of the very difficult harbour of Eyrarbakki, Laid up during the winter in Hafnarfjordur. (It also did an occasional fishing trip).

While delivering cargo to Reykjavík for transhipment to Copenhagen, Denmark was caught by a storm and driven ashore near Reykjavik. Refloated and repaired and returned to service.

09.10.1904 When offloading goods at Grindavik, caught by a storm and driven ashore. Crew save by the locals. Wreck sold at auction, but turned out to be beyond salvage.