Wallace  GN 12

Built 1883    Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh (Iron)
Yard No 10
Owner at New General Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh (John Scott manager)(Build cost 4000)
ID no 89022
Launch Date 15.11.1883
Completed 12.1883
Gross Tons 102
Nett Tons 39
Engine 42 hp   C.2-cyl by Hawthorns & Co Ltd, Leith Edinburgh
Length 92.6ft
Breadth 18ft
Depth 9.4ft
1883 Registered at Granton GN 12
03.12.1883 Ran trial trip in Firth of Forth
1883 Hired for two day trips over a period of six months by Her Majesty's Trawling Commission to carryout scientific observations on the fishing grounds.


Collided with S.T. "Bruce" GN 10 near to Bass Rock. The "Bruce" receiving damage to the starboard side and returned to Granton for repairs. "Wallace" continued to the fishing grounds.
17.04.1885 Landed 6ft 4inch Royal sturgeon from 10 miles SE off May Island
24.12.1897 Ran aground on Sister rocks North Berwick in dense fog. Skipper W. Thomson refloated her on next tide and continued on to Granton.
24.12.1898 John Scott resigns as manager.
04.03.1899 James Caw appointed manager.
24.11.1901 Collided with S.T. "Atlanta" GN 65 at entrance to Granton Harbour. Both vessels considerably damaged.
1916 Owned by George P. & D. Taylor Aberdeen (George P. Taylor manager)
29.05.1917 Requisitioned as Fishery Reserve Vessel
1919 Returned to Owners
1919 Owned by Leonard Brown, South Shields (owner/manger)
1923 Owned by Richard Irvin & Sons Ltd, North Shields (Sir John Hannel Irvin KBE, Aberdeen manager )
1924 Sold as scrap.