Lying outside Rose GN 24 in Lerwick

Reproduced with acknowledgement to the Shetland Museum & Archives

William Caldwell  GN 56

Built 1918   Cook, Welton & Gemmell,  Beverley  (Steel)
Yard No 395
Owner at New Admiralty  (Ad.No.3719)
ID no 143882
Launch Date 12.06.1918
Completed 16.11.1919
Gross Tons 290
Nett Tons 126
Engine 86 hp    T.3cyl by Amos & Smith Ltd, Hull
Length 125.5ft
Breadth 23.6ft
Depth 12.7ft


28.05.1919 Loaned to the U S Navy ( North Sea Minesweeping Detachment )
01.06.1919 Based at Kirkwall, Orkney.
16.08.1919 Ran aground on a reef near North Ronaldsay, Orkney, and suffered slight hull damage.
17.08.1919 Refloated with the use of her anchors and sweep wire to "kedge" the ship off the reefs at high tide, steamed to Rosyth, Firth of Forth for repairs.
22.08.1919 Repairs taken in hand.
27.08.1919 Returned to service.
06.10.1919 De-commissioned at Brightlingsea, Essex.
11.05.1920 Sold at auction to the Mercantile.
11.05.1920 Owned by Edward Brand & John H. Dove, Milford Haven (owner/managers).
19.06.1920 Registered at London  LO 374.
19.03.1923 Owned by John H. Dove & Sons Milford Haven (owner/manager).
1935 Owned by Mrs Gertrude E. Dove, Milford Haven (owner/manager).
1937 Owned by Pembroke Hake Fishing Co Ltd,  Milford Haven  (Reginald Llewellyn Hancock manager)
1938 E. V. Pennington appointed manager.
15.09.1939 Owned by Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd,  Fleetwood     (Basil Arthur Parkes manager).
01.1940 Requisitioned and converted  Boom Defence Vessel (P.No.Z142) (Hire rate 87.0s.0d/month).
1944 Based at Fort William,  David MacBrayne Glasgow agents
01.1945 Purchased into the Royal Navy.
1945 London registry closed.
12.1946 Sold to the Mercantile
12.1946 Owned by Inch Fishing Co Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh 
1946 Registered at Granton GN 56
1949 Owned by Clyde Fishing Co Ltd, Granton Edinburgh (John S. Boyle Ltd managers)
1955 Owned by Inch Fishing Co Ltd,  Granton Edinburgh (Alexander A. Stuart manager Glasgow)
1955 Granton registry closed.
1955 Registered at Glasgow GW 17.
1957 Sold as scrap to BISCO (British Iron & Steel Co)
30.07.1957 Towed to the ship breaking berth.
08.1957 Scrapped by Malcolm Brechin at Granton