William Hope GN

Built 1882  Hawthorns & Co Ltd,  Leith Edinburgh  (Iron)
Yard No 8
Owner at New J. W. Hope & Sons  Ltd,  Leith Edinburgh
ID no 87250
Launch Date 02.12.1882
Completed 01.1883
Gross Tons 126
Nett Tons 51
Engine 18 hp C.2-cyl by Hawthorns & Co Ltd,  Leith Edinburgh
Length 91ft
Breadth 18ft
Depth 9.2ft
1883 Registered at Leith
19.12.1883 Advertised for sale (Scotsman) at the Corn Exchange, Leith on 29th Dec, upset price 2400.
01.1884 Owned by Alfred G. Primerose Dundee DE ??
1884 Leith registry closed.
1884 Registered at Dundee DE??
28.10.1884 Stranded and wrecked in a Northerly severe gale force 9 at Aberdour Bay Fraserburgh. Skipper G. Golder & 5 crewmen were rescued by a local farmers wife (Mrs Whyte) who anchored a rope to the shore.
12.1884 Mrs Whyte was awarded a Silver medal and 10 in gold from the Royal National Lifeboat Institute for her bravery during the rescue.
01.1885 Mrs Whyte was awarded the Board of Trade Bronze medal for Gallantry.