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Adam Clarke


Full stack mobile, web and blockchain development.

  • Native iOS
  • React Native
  • Web3
  • Solidity
  • Typescript
  • React
  • Node
  • Elixir

UI & UX Design

Crafting simple and beautiful cross platform user interfaces.

About Me

I have been building digital products for over 10 years and have a strong passion for creating intuitive, dynamic user experiences. I started out with a focus on UI and UX design and then gradually shifted towards software development as I became more fascinated in bringing designs to life through writing code.

I've spent most of my career working with startups, where I enjoy helping early stage companies transform their vision into a working product. During my time on both sides of software development teams, as both a creative and as an engineer, I've built a deep understanding of what it takes to make a great product and the most efficient processes a team can implement to move fast, iterate and ship high quality features.

Genesis Block

Founding Team - Senior Engineer

I'm currently enjoying my role as part of the founding team of Genesis Block, a banking app that combines traditional finance, crypto and defi.

My primary focus is in leading the front end team, where we've been utilising React Native Web to build our cross platform app. The RNW framework has been great in allowing us to work off a single codebase, share code across all platforms and stay agile in this early stage.

I've also really enjoyed the opportunity to work across the stack and learn Elixir to support the backend team.


Senior Software Engineer

Mainframe was a decentralised app platform aimed at allowing developers to easily build and deploy dapps leveraging the Ethereum blockchain. As well as developing the platform to support and distribute dapps we also designed and built high level storage, messaging and blockchain api's on top of Swarm and Ethereum's Web3.

It was an amazing project that introduced me to the world of decentralised technologies and the power of writing smart contracts. Sadly we struggled to get the traction we needed and the project has now transitioned to a Defi protocol.

Noodle Live

Native iOS App Design and Development

Noodle Live is an events app, where I had the role of leading the iOS development from design through to build. Being a White-label solution I had the challenge of keeping all UI easily customisable, allowing for dynamic menus and branding, interchangeable via a web dashboard.

Love Cars

Branding, UX and UI Design

Lovecars is an automotive social network and review platform. My role as lead designer was to first give Lovecars it's brand identity and then to bring the brand to life in it's online form by designing a responsive web app.


App Design and Development

Zedosh is a project looking to transform the digital marketing industry. I was tasked with designing and building the early stage prototype to test the concept in the form of a cross platform React Native app.

Spuddy App

Mobile UI Design, Website & Branding

Spuddy is an app that will find you a sports buddy based on your interests. My main role was to design the iOS app and marketing website but I also had a chance to get creative with some character design in designing the Spuddy mascot.

Peer Funding

Branding, UX and UI Design

PeerFunding was an exciting fintech based startup I worked with to lead their design efforts in a peer to peer financing platform including branding, user journeys, wire-framing, user testing and developing the user interface.

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