This index is a work in progress and therefore is not complete. 

Some trawlers  were registered more than once in Granton/Leith. Some carry other registrations as they were never registered at Granton/Leith but were owned and crewed there. Some vessels started life as something different Cargo ships, Long Liners and Drifters. Information is still being sought on many of these vessels.

Vessels in bold & underlined have photograph attached


Earl of Windsor LH 80

Earl of Zetland

Earnest LH 1088

Ebor H 360

Edith LH 18

Effort LH 1083

Eileen Paton  GW 22

Elcho GN 68

Elise I Carnie GN 24

Elizabeth Paton GW 10

Elloe GN 37

Ely GN 3

Emperor GN 22

Emperor H 741

Empire Fisher LH 251

Endeavour LH 1098

Energy LH 73

Ennerdale GN 16

Esther Johnston  GN 50

Ethel Crawford A 36

Ethel Nutten GN 59

Ethelbert LH 24

Eton  GN 88

Euclase  GN 51

Evelyn LH 1140

Evening Star A 406

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