This index is a work in progress and therefore is not complete. 

Some trawlers  were registered more than once in Granton/Leith. Some carry other registrations as they were never registered at Granton/Leith but were owned and crewed there. Some vessels started life as something different Cargo ships, Long Liners and Drifters. Information is still being sought on many of these vessels.

Vessels in bold & underlined have photograph attached


Ratapiko A 446

Restless Wave GN 7  

Resolute LH 3

Retriever GN 15

Rilette LH 35

River Annan GN 103

River Avon GN 37

River Doon ME 248

River Earn GN 36

River Eye LH 73

River Tay GN 54  

River Tweed GN 43  

Rob Roy GW 3

Rob Roy LH 92

Rob Roy LH

Robert Croan LH 22

Robin GN 9

Robina A 903

Rose GN 24  

Rose GW 17

Rose GW 26  

Rosebery GN 104

Rosebery GN 8  

Ross Cormorant GY 665    

Ross Curlew GY 692  

Ross Heron GY 693

Ross Kestrel GY 658

Ross Kittiwake GY 678

Ross Mallard GY 699  

Rosskeen GN 14

Rosslyn GN 15  

Rosslyn LH 138

Royal Prince LH 148

Rubislaw A 907  

Rugby LH 92

Runnel LH 132


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