This index is a work in progress and therefore is not complete. 

Some trawlers  were registered more than once in Granton/Leith. Some carry other registrations as they were never registered at Granton/Leith but were owned and crewed there. Some vessels started life as something different Cargo ships, Long Liners and Drifters. Information is still being sought on many of these vessels.

Vessels in bold & underlined have photograph attached


Achilles GN 38                                                                            

Active GN 51  

Admiral GN 37  

Admiral Rodney A 199   

Admiral Startin LH 304      

Advance LH 889

Adventure FD 154

Agincourt GN 3

Agnes H Wetherly GN 9

Agnes Nutten LT 974

Agnes S. Walker SN 82

Akranes FD 33

Albatross SH 37

Albatross GN 13

Alert GN 52

Alice LH 1118  

Alison LH 17

Alma LH 633  

Amethyst GN 11

Amroth Castle SA 23

Andromache GY 31

Annfield NB  GN 50

Annie Hope LH 27

Annie Hope LH 55

Annie  Walker LH 195 

Anwoth GN 29  

Arctic  Challenger GN 22

Arctic Crusader LH 373

Arctic Explorer GW 7  

Arctic Hunter GW 9

Arctic GN 20

Arctic Riever GN 23

Arctic Scout  GW 2

Ardgowan GW 4  

Argo GN 26

Aries GN 62  

Arran GW 15

Astros  GN 31

Athole   GN 35

Atlanta GN 65

Aurora GN 61


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